Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I'm wearing shorts today (long ones) even though it's not set to get above 50 degrees (but still, really warm compared to how it has been!)

I was talking the other day about how I wear sleeveless shirts as soon as possible, and all summer. I can't stand to be wearing more clothing than is necessary. But, actually, layers are okay, it's just that I want as much of my skin as possible to be in contact with the sun, the air, the world I"m moving in, as possible.

I don't think I can say the same of my soul. I don't notice it prodding me to be more open - to let as much as possible of the world touch me

Though I would like to be like that. (I think)

Could I walk around the world with the same awareness of my spirit that I have of my skin? - what is touching it? hot, warm, cold, breezes, other people? What would that be like?


Lorcan said...


Sorry to be off topic to this lovely post, but, I can't find thy email adress!

Not to speak to thee about the conflict, but to tell thee a little personal history...

Also, I have to check, I might have forgotten to add thy link to my blog, which, I frankly hope will be more positive, spring is here, and I am out with the camera looking for my soul... :)

Thanks for thy kind comments, friend

PS Do email me, the address is InOBU@aol.com.

earthfreak said...

hey lor!

I have emailed you before, and perhaps it doens't work? I will try again right now. My email address is linked in my profile, but I"m reluctant to post it for fear of spam. I hope we manage to get in touch!!!!


Canine Diamond said...


I don't know how to PM you (can you do that on Blogger??) but here's the group.

You can delete this later. Sorry.