Friday, March 24, 2006

Mourning, but at peace

Liz wrote a beautiful memorial to Barbara Greenler, a beloved member of our Northern Yearly Meeting community, and Nightengales, who died recently.

It is a great loss, I think, to our community and to her large beloved family.

She in my small experience always a joyful, fun, calm, centered, wise presence, and I miss her very much.

And yet I'm not grieving, as I have so much lately. If I set out to live a life that would let me die satisfied and at peace with myself and the world, it might look much like Barbara's. I regret nothing on her behalf, except that we missed out on more years together.

It's a very quiet sadness.

(and, let me note here, because it has come up, that her family welcomes cards and prayers, but is not ready for phone calls or visits at this time)

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