Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Alternative Dress Group has started us up a yahoo group to talk about issues around plain dress without the religious focus (I think folks who are motivated by religion, or the voice of God, are welcomed, but it's not a requirement)

I'm super excited, since I'm really interested in the issue, but think I'm done blogging about it for a bit. I'm more interested in exchange right now,.

so, come one, come all!



Lorcan said...

Hi Pam:
Has thee checked out plain clothes on Ebay? Great sourse of exellent priced plain clothes, made outside the comodity ecconomy!

earthfreak said...

Plain clothes on ebay??? that seems so incongruous.

I haven't actually ever ordered anything on ebay. it's not so much my thing, but I'm intrigued. I went and looked, and there was an amish dress for sale. I though Amish people didnt' have electricity, let alone computers!


Lorcan said...

Ah... yes, electricity...
Well, Some do, with the use of a generator, in fact most do, but computers, no... execpt the kids in the house on Rumspringer ( excuse the spelling any Amish kids reading this... but this is not the sourse of the conduit.

Amish and Mennonites are very thrifty, so many have relationships with neighbors, a number of whom specialize in selling plain clothes on line, check the search term Mennonite as well, much more stuff.

I usually have my suits made by Mennonites as I don't like to wear Poliester, as it is a prize good, made up mostly of oil, controlled by war. Most Amish today use poliester to a large degree, and some Amish clothing is actually imported from China!
But, sometimes for the sake of Quaker thrift I buy clothes for my wife and I on EBAY, and have found it to be a really nice transaction, gettng to really know some of the sellers. My wife is not a plain dresser, but on some occations she dresses plain, and has enjoyed the sense of stepping aside from commodity clothes, and late at night in the East Village, of New York, one finds a small island of gentleness around a plain couple walking down the street.
So, I really endorse EBAY ... especially for the rare VERY old Amish or Mennonite or even Quaker dress that comes up, and the bonnets are great. I don't suggest one buys a broad brimmed hat on EBAY as it will likely be one from China, but for a Broad Brim Quaker style hat, I'd go to Flying Cloud Hats, hand made hats by Amish hat maker Kore Stulzfus - and his family, wonderful folks, his address is somewhere on my site, and a few others, I think maybe Martin Kelly's, Amanda's and maybe Robs? But anyway, he is in New Holland, hard to find, up a hill and down a lane, but well worth going to...


True said...

Anyone have an address for Flying Cloud Hat Co?

Reverend Ira's Rant said...

Yes, I have an Address for Flying Cloud. Kore is the very best.

Flying Cloud Hats
130 Beacon Hill Rd
Ronks, PA 17572-9741