Sunday, January 07, 2007

She's here!


This is my latest addition, who flew up from Georgia yesterday. She didn't at first look anything like the photo I'd seen (well, I mean, the photo wasn't of a white poodle or anything) but I think it's really her. In any case, I saved one.

She's great, and only a little bigger than Maddy (but MUCH less barky) - they're adorable together.

I still don't have a name, though I've started calling her "Georgia" (origingal) rather than "new puppy" :)

Update:Georgia has moved on, to live with f/Friends of mine. She's an only dog now (with kitty friends) which means more attention, but less playtime. so many tradeoffs in life. And we miss her much at my house, but are enjoying (at least me and the cats are!) the return to a lower level of chaos.


brianH said...

That's one handsome puppy! Congratulations and well-done to save her.


Plain Foolish said...

She's beautiful. And Georgia is a good name.

earthfreak said...


Right now her name is Carter (after Jimmy) but I don't think that will stick either, we might go back to Georgia. All her 'maybes' are falling through, so it looks like maybe she's mine for good.

Canine Diamond said...

Still catching up on blogging here.

She's absolutely beautiful! What a sweet face!

courtney said...

Georgia is a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl! I think what you went through to save her is amazing.

I spent more than a year seeking out a dog to adopt, but every time I sent the bill to the floor the Cat Council defeated it with a resounding No. Ah, some things were just not meant to be. :)
love c