Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dog craziness


well, this isn't all spiritual and introspective, but I guess I just need to blab.

So, I adopted this dog, and she's ready to travel now. I'm trying to figure out how to get her from Atlanta to Minneapolis sometime this week. I have someone who can get her to the airport on Saturday, but between her not being able to get there until afternoon, and the cargo divisions that handle shipping animals and not being able to prepay (so this woman who's already doing me a favor has to pay, and I have to reimburse her, which is a lot to ask!) and the crate she needs and the certificates (the airline that is best on many things - like having crates you can buy at the airport, also is the only one that requires an additional certificate for dogs flying when it's cold out - which I don't know if I can get)

And it's lots of money, and I'm feeling sort of stupid. I'm sort of figuring I'm spending (a little more, but basically) the money I would have donated to a rescue organization at the end of the year anyway. But I dont' get the tax deduction, and they probably could have saved more dogs with the same money.

And dealing with my mom's money is a similar sort of crazy. she's actually running out, and not all her bills are paid, and some are in my name, which is scary (I'm not sure how that happened!) and applying for assistance is the typical bureaucratic nightmare!

and I'm focusing less energy on that than the dog right now, which probably isn't the smartest.

And once she gets here she needs to be checked out by a vet, and I'm worried about what that will turn up. (she hasn't been tested for heartworm, or given distemper vaccines) and if my dogs will be exposed to anything.

And then, I'm hoping to find her a home, but who knows if I'll be able to? and can I give her up? I havne't even met her, but she's been my dog for a while now. Which brings up a whole nother thing. Am I "in love with the idea of her"? I think I can tend to do that.

Just a friendly update :)




Plain Foolish said...

well, this isn't all spiritual and introspective

People are like that. Even were I able to live somehow on a mountainside, existing solely on tea and rancid yak butter (thank you, Terry Pratchett), there would still be days when I'd be bound to think more about how you just can't get the yak butter you used to and don't these robes chafe. And the price of tea these days, and disciples, don't get me started on disciples...

I hope the difficulties you're having with the adoption work out well. Sometimes, even when it ends up costing more, we want to do something *personal*, something that involves us more closely. For the money I've spent on my dad's blanket, I could have paid for a few blankets to be sent to his unit, but it wouldn't be the same. And others have spent money on yarn used in this project, too. But just sending any blanket wouldn't have been the same thing at all.

I hope also that you can untangle your mom's finances. Ouch.


earthfreak said...


And I love Terry Pratchett! Well, mostly, some of his books are just, well, probably it's that they're not quite odd enough. But mostly I love them.

Yeah, I guess it's important to do something personally. I know just what you mean about your dad's blanket. Maybe I don't believe in God, but that's sort of a spiritual thing - the difference between one you put your own time and energy into - and even that you handled, and 4 you had shipped from l.l. bean or something.

My new puppy is coming Saturday. I can tell I'm already at capacity. I have cats fighting, and the puppy I already have is driving me nuts!

I had thought this new one was a year or two old, but she's six months, they think, which, I found out yesterday at the vet, is exactly the age of the puppy I have. Supposedly she's relatively mellow though, which will be good, assuming it's not because she's sick.......


life is such a roller coaster!

Oh, plus I thought I had my apt. rented out, but the woman emailed me today to say she can't do it. It's hard to rent a place in Minnesota in the winter (and maybe everywhere, I don't think it's a great landlord's market) so, back to the drawing board.



Plain Foolish said...

His characterizations are wonderful. Lu Tze, Death, the Witches, Mister Vimes, Moist von Lipwig, and all the rest...

For a fascinating take on gods in America, check out American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Two six-month-old puppies?! Good luck!!

Plain Foolish said...

And also, the difference in blanket is not just to him, it's also different to me. While Dad will certainly appreciate the kind of work that goes into a project like this and the connection, it's also that I feel like I'm Doing Something. The blanket is not only something to comfort Dad, but it also comforts me. (Admittedly, it can also lead to smugness on my part. "Support the Troops, you SUV-loving so-and-so? Do you spend your evenings making blankets, arranging care packages?" Not one of my more charming thoughts, but there you are.