Monday, June 19, 2006

"Locovore" Moment

I think today was the first day this year that I ate a meal largely composed of something that I picked today. My friend (and ex) was very exuberant this year about planting kale, and apparently had a gift for the growing of the kale and is slightly overwhelmed. My dinner tonight consisted of her kale (mmm), black beans and onions. (her recipe as well!)

Now, everything but the kale not only wasn't picked today, I could not tell you when or where it was picked, which is sorta scary if you think about it.

Also, my baby cherry tree (finally as tall as me this summer!) seems to have had its grand moment of production (almost 2 pints) this year, peaking a few days ago. I have eaten some cherries off the tree, but they are tart and small and I think best suited to pies. I am waiting for my sweetie to return home (in one hour!) as she is a significantly more inspired baker than I.

that might be it for a while. I have some nappa cabbage growing, and some chard that might someday be big enough to eat, and tomatoes, but they're a late summer thing (I have a few flowers!) and eggplant and butternut squash. We shall see.

My first CSA delivery is tomorrow! I can't wait to see what's in the box!!!

(PS - Robin introduced me to the term "locovore" in a comment on an earlier post - the idea being to intentionally eat local foods. I had chocolate chips for dessert. I dont' know where they come from, but I'm sure it's not local, not even national, for the most part)


trish said...

I've just discovered your blog and LOVE it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to more.

zach said...

I thought locovore meant "crazy eater" (or "crazy person eater")...

earthfreak said...

Zach -

I realized that it does sort of sound like it means that! but then, "crazy eater" isnt' entirely inaccurate for me anyway :)

And probably a lot more accurate than "local eater" - we had pancakes this morning made with buckwheat flour from our CSA, and cherry sauce (we ran out of maple syrup!) from my cherry tree, but it was still mostly well-travelled ingredients!

trish - wow, thanks!

earthfreak said...

OOps, apparently the term was "locAvore" - I knew there was a spelling that makes it clearer, even though that's only because of the assumed universal masculine. I actually would be "loca" not "loco" - oh well.

Matthew said...

The "crazy eater" angle was in fact brought up by Zimmer himself over on the Language Log. More about that here