Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dog! (grossout alert)

I can't remember where but I recently commented somewhere something about dogs being closer to God because they don't ask so many questions and worry so much, they just ARE.

This was much in my mind when I walked to the river today with my 3 dogs, and the youngest got distracted from fetching sticks by the delightful discovery of a dead fish. I picked the thing up with a stick and tossed it as far as I could out into the river, and moved on. My beloved dog then proceeded to swim out and retrieve it, bring it back to shore, and roll on it until its guts spurted out.

He doesnt' like baths with the hose, by the way, but he's an in-the-moment sort of guy, and that was still over 20 minutes away. Who knows if he'll ever make the connection?

Is he missing something, or am I????


Plain Foolish said...

Yech. (Well, to be fair, you did issue a warning, and my dogs did other gross things when I still lived with dogs.) I doubt he connects the two - here was this wonderful stinky stuff that made part of the day good, and then later, the day got worse when he had to put up with that cold stuff being sprayed on him.

I wonder why dogs like stinky stuff so much.

Thee, Hannah! said...

Oh, my dog LOVES to roll in dead things, and she's long-haired and white. And takes years to dry when you bathe her. Lovely.

verbalchameleon said...

you think that's bad? my dog love to roll in wild animal poo.

we were in the country once, and he found some deer (or bear, or ?) stuff, and rolled in it.

i gave him a bath and then he did it AGAIN on the next walk. that was it for being off-leash that weekend!

Which is all by way of saying this is my FIRST time at your blog and I am writing about poo. Hope you understand.

earthfreak said...

I totally understand, and welcome! Poo corners a larger percentage of my verbage than I would think as well! My dog doesnt' roll in that, he eats it (and often then wants to lick my face!)

I love having dogs, really, but sometiems I think it's a sign of mental unbalance that I do