Thursday, October 11, 2007

What a day

A weird combination, not nearly as exciting as I made it sound.

I went to a thingy on employment law with my boss. It was pretty informative but generally comging from the perspective of trying to figure out how not to give employee things. I mean, that's unfair, a lot of it was actually, "treat your employees fairly and you won't get into trouble" - but other parts still made me flinch every now and then. I've never been around so many lawyers at once, it was freaky.

On the way home I decided to bike by the empty space where the 35W bridge used to be. I still hadn't seen it, more than two months later. It's all cleaned up now - just missing a bridge. And you still can't bike along the river near it. And the 10th Ave bridge, which parrallels it and was closed for a good long while is totally backed up wiht rush hour traffic, ugh. It's so weird how small the river looks. Most of the span was over land, which somehow made me even more surprised that so few people died. Nothing to cushion that huge fall. It was a little eerie but mostly empty feeling. strange. I so wanted to get more caught up in that drama than I did. It was like too freaky and too distant to process, somehow.

I practiced mandolin notes, but have yet to set up a lesson. I love it, though it goes out of tune it seems every day, and needs to be retuned. A good lesson in constant listening and regrouping.

Oh, and I got carded! I haven't been carded in a decade! I must be extra youthful, or immature today.


Plain Foolish said...

Wow. Only goes out of tune every day... wow. The banjo needs to be retuned every time I sit down to play and often if I've been playing for more than a half hour. It varies, of course - high humidity or changes in the weather mean more tuning (ah, the joys of living in a tidal swamp!), and the strings need more or less tuning, depending on where they're at in their lifecycle. New strings need tuning every 10 minutes it feels like, then they hit a sweet patch where they only need minor adjustments as long as I'm not playing outside or something, and then the wear I've been putting on them begins to really show - they develop little kinks that you can't see, but can hear, and they begin to look dull... and then I get to get out my little string changing kit - wire snips, needle nose pliers, and wire bending pliers.

earthfreak (Pam) said...

Oh my!

well, actually I haven't actually tried to play it more than once a day.

I feel a little like I did when I was first learning french - excited and willing, but just with so few skills. I had this intense push to simply ramble on in french as if I was fluent, but I got caught not actually knowing the word I needed more than every other word!