Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My movie rating

Online Dating

Apparently based on the appearance of the "bad" words "hell", "hurt", and "dyke"

scary sillyness


Plain Foolish said...

*snort* "bad words" as the sole basis for a rating. Charming... or not. I checked mine and I'm rated "G" despite some profanity in my posts on the treatment of soldiers and their families. (And despite the fact that I know for certain that at least one parent began to monitor his daughter's reading of my blog - mostly due to my heretical take on religion.)

earthfreak (Pam) said...

Yeah, I checked your blog too :)

and a few others. One is pg-13 solely on the basis of one occurence of "sexy" - which saddened me greatly.

Lor's is R based partly on a lot of mentions of "torture" (sadly, and so tellingly in some ways, mentions of trying to stop it are "just as bad" as suggestions to do it, apparently)

Yay for heretical takes on religion!

Plain Foolish said...


*Lor's* blog is "R"? That's as bad as the time I couldn't get to the Health and Human Services website for my job because the netnanny program we had was blocking all references to the word "breast" including "breast cancer".

Mind you, my boss demonstrated that one could still get *images* He was as unamused over the whole thing as I was, and ended up giving me his private laptop (which I could take to the local sandwich shop, where there was no filter) to use for that project.

earthfreak (Pam) said...

Guess what? mine is "R" now, because I said all those words 1 more time, plus I think "dangerous"

very weird.

It's just a game though. I'd like to think actual "net nannies" are better somehow, but actually, I doubt it