Thursday, December 07, 2006

I can't stand having a picture of Patches up at the top of my blog, so here's my other dog.

He's the one who's cut off in the side of the photo. (We were taking them to post of the other dog - who was lost, and Jordan just couldnt' figure out what we were doing so he had to get in there to see.....)

The small dog is actually named Patches too - but we called him "Percy" - We found him running loose about a block from his home, but no one we asked knew him, so he stayed with us for 3 days until his owner found one of our signs.

I've always thought I wanted to have a small dog and a big dog - it's so ironic or something. But poor Percy got stepped on a lot, and hid under the bed.

It's medium/large dogs for me all the way.

(Maddy actually looked somewhat like Percy when I got her - about 10#, fluffy black with a white chest, but we went to the vet yesterday and she's 17# - so she doesn't look like that anymore....)

I have to get a camera.....


Plain Foolish said...

Big dogs for me, thanks, if I lived somewhere I could keep one. I grew up with mostly German Shepherds and Pointers, so dogs, to me, are medium/big and very active. (Pointers have this look they can give which translates out to "waddya mean you don't want to go for a 10-mile run? The sun is shining, there's stuff to look at, and we might even see birds on the way!" Shepherds go on the run anyway, just in circles around you.)

earthfreak said...

My criteria for a dog have long been - light enough that I can lift it and big enough that I can wrassle with it.

Not that I wrassle that much with my dogs, but it's a good size for cuddling too.

I was telling my godmother, who has traditionally had yorkies, but now has a "teacup poodle" (even smaller than a "toy" I think) about Maddy, and said the vet thinks she'll be around 40-50 pounds and she gasped as if I'd said "oh, the vet thinks she'll be a brutal killer"

I think 40# is pretty small....

Plain Foolish said...

*grin* Little dogs are cute, but not for someone as clumsy as I am. (By the way, Maddy is beautiful.)

Though that hasn't stopped some of our big dogs from thinking small. Our black lab/German shepherd mix thought he was still a lap puppy all his life. Even after it took 3 laps to hold him. (Then again, this was the only lab mix I'd ever seen who didn't want to play fetch. He wanted to play "chase the dog" and would get very disappointed when folks stopped playing.)

earthfreak said...

Actually, this photo is jordan (the black and brown one) and a dog I had for three days this summer. I hope to post photos of Maddy soon!)

Patches was quite a lap dog too (at about 45#) - Jordan is as well, and is fine stretching over two laps if necessary.

Jordan also greatly prefers "chase" to "fetch" - at the dog park he steals other dogs' toys to get them involved and is baffled when they don't want to chase. Poor thing.

Fortunately he and Maddy both really like wrestling (well, mostly fortunately!)

brianh said...

I can't really say much about dogs, since I am more of a cat man. But my grandsons have a six-month old King Charles Cavalier spaniel named Charlotte Bronte, and she's adorable. I think they're bred to be adorable, but otherwise sort of useless. I'm sort of becoming attached to her, though I have to admit that it's nice that she's a hundred miles away and I don't have to clean up after her.

The last time we visited, she was so excited to see us she peed on the carpet. I'm glad more of my friends don't show their love for me the same way.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I totally thought Percy was Maddy when I saw this picture. They do look incredibly alike. It's a very sweet shot of Jordan too.