Thursday, October 12, 2006

minor chaos

So, my life has been all over the place lately, I'm not so bloggerific.

* I got a new job, with "OutFront, MN" - a glbt lobbying organization. I'm excited.

* I was supposed to start today but my furnace died (first really cold day) and I had to stay home all day and wait for the repair guy. They love me, I tell ya.

* After my second interview last week, (really, like a few hours after) I jetted off to Philly with my friend Kate to get my mom and bring her back to Minnesota. My mom has dementia and has been in a home for 3 years. One of my waiting lists finally came up here in Minneapolis, but you have a week to take the spot or lose it.

* We drove back, because my mom doesnt' have a current photo ID and to jump through the hoops to get her one (especially as it would involve her, who gets freaked out easily) seemed worse than a 3 day road trip. I'm not sure I'd say that now, but it was fun (now that it's over)

* My tenant told me this morning that he's planning to move out at the end of the month, so I have to find someone to move in in the middle of winter (well, not the middle, thank goodness!)

So I'm feeling a little crazy and not thinking about godstuff much lately (or not coming up with anything useful to say anyway...)

I did just start reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan, who wrote "Botany of Desire" - I really like both books, and this one is making me want to start an organic farm with my total and complete lack of clue as to how to do it (I did bring in all of my tomatoes last night, before the hard frost - well, most of them, it was already dark when I started and I couldn't find them all!)




Jeanne said...

Congratulations on the job, Pam! Did you know I used to work there? I was their first Administrative Assistant. Say HI to Anne D. for me! Did she hire you or someone else?

Liz Opp said...

Congrats on the job, Pam (what sort of job is it?)! And on the tomato harvest. And taking on the challenge of moving your mom--glad Kate was with you.

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

liberata said...

Hi Pam,

Wishing you lots of love and strength taking care of your mom. My mom had Alzheimer's and, as I'm and only child, I had full responsibility for caring for her during this last phase of her life, which lasted about 8 years. She was in an assisted living place for a while then, when the Alzheimer's progressed, I placed her in the dementia ward of a nursing home.

I'm glad I lived near her. I can't imagine how people do it who live at a distance.

Good luck in the new job, too!

James Riemermann said...

Dear Pam,

It's so good to read this. I hope you feel some weight lifting from your heart, as I do.

You have a job, with a deeply worthwhile organization. And after all the struggles of the past few years, you no longer have to worry about how to get your mom here, where it will be far easier to take care of necessary business.

I'm sure there will still be difficulties, but you've just accomplished something huge. Bravo!

Zach A said...


I've been wanting to read the Omnivore's Dilemma also...

earthfreak said...

Thanks, everyone!

I didn't know you used to work there, Jeanne, or maybe I did at some point but had forgotten.... Anne interviewed me, but the ops manager hired me (and is my supervisor) She was at coming out day luncheon yesterday (along with everyone else, practically) but I will say hi when I see her :)

Liz- it's bookkeeping, for better or worse my "thing" as of right now. It's a new accounting software that seems a lot less user friendly, I hope I manage to figure it out!

Liberata - thanks for your thoughts. I had no idea that we had that in common. It's hard in so many ways. I never really got along with my mother, even as a young kid (some of it I think now was pre-alzheimers, or some other mental illness, but I'm still not sure) - Right now it's really hard, because she's so sad and scared and defenseless. She is "with it" enough to know that she's not with it, so her life seems to be pretty much constant panic (which seems to be her natural state anyway, even when she WAS "with it" - but now it's so much worse) The nurse assured me that eventually she will lose enough capacity to not worry about having lost it. Not exactly a joy to look forward to. It's pretty sad.

James (who was on my meeting support committee about stuff with my mom!) thanks so much for everything. I'm learning so much about the power of community. It's hard to remember that this isn't what most people are talking about when they say "God"

Zach - thanks to you too. I just finished the book, and highly reccomend it, though it's very meat-focused (it got me borderline reconsidering my own choices!) and has a chapter about animal rights that I found somewhat dismissive (but not entirely) and inadequate, though more interesting than most "defenses" of meat eating.

It does get to a lot of the stuff that just came up on the Quaker-E list (seemingly right as I was beginning reading it) and I'll probably post something there about it. (I'm inspried to eat entirely locally now! which at the very beginning of winter in Minnesota is to say the least an interesting proposition!


Martin Kelley said...

Hi Pam,
Congratulations on the new job (it's nice to know they're out there, grin!) but sorry to hear about your mother. I once met Julie's grandfather when he was in advance stages and it was so... unsatisfying, I guess is the word. I had heard so many stories and here was the man only he wasn't really there. I hope you can figure out some sort of way of interacting, though maybe that's not possible. Either way I'm sorry she and you are going through that. At least she's closer now.