Friday, October 14, 2005


I've been troubled by the name of my blog since I thought of it (the first 6 things I came up with were taken, perhaps not the best approach)

I know that that seeking of God is neither active, in the traditional sense, nor passive. I know that in reaching for something far away, we can miss miracles happening at our feet.

I know that I am not called so much to reach for the light as to welcome it, to honor it, to nurture it, quietly active.

And yet, I find that I often reach, or strive. I want to be "doing something" I am impatient.

No answers, just questions, today.


Sebastian said...

Those questions are good, a way will open I grant thee, for I felt the same way when I hadn't even left England after the world gathering and now I've done more than I figured out I had to do and yet i've not even started to get to where I'm going but I am hopeful, one of the things a Friend said was that faith is the assertion of that which is hoped for, this speaks to my condition. I am holding you in the light.

jez said...

Well I made your 7th name for your blog when I clicked the link on my site that I had created and came up with something completely different - it turned out that I had missed out the ight of your blog...