Monday, December 29, 2008

Um, hi?

I'm thinking about blogging again, but seem to have a combination of writers block and abject terror that I have nothing to say, or worse, that I do, but it's incoherent or at least stupid,

So here's me putting my foot in the water with nothing to say, just to break the ice or something, hopefully I'll be back soon.

I watched "Finding Nemo" the other night for the first time maybe since it came out. I'd forgotten, there's one part where they have to take a big risk and the one fish says "how do you know nothing bad will happen?" and the other fish says "I don't"

I swear this was the best insight I've received from the universe over the last decade or so, something I really need to hang onto - If you're alive sometimes you just gotta push through even with no clue how bad it might be. A timely reminder for me too. Ah, the wisdom of Pixar